found out my employer used to own a .biz domain

this has made me chuckle a bit

.biz domain are only for the most radical and gnarly corporations.

you can tell because biz has a 'z' at the end

silly domain name 

*tv infomercial voice*

for all your fox business, come on down to
we got your small fox, your red fox
even a fox that sticks to walls!
*hangs fox on wall rack*

foxes for every need imaginable

call now and we'll even throw in this surprise fox!
*camera pans over to a silhouette of a fox with a question mark on it*

call 1-800-REET-MEUP
thats 1-800-7338-6387
order today!

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@zac i called now but i got a lawyer's voicemail, can i put in an online order instead while you're fixing your phone system?

@zac (i actually did call and get a lawyer's voicemail, we have reached that knee of the evening where lexie does goofy shit just because it seems like a good idea at the time)

@zac no idea what i would've said if he picked up but probably it would've been along the lines of "hi yes, i'd like to order a fox?"

either he'd hang up or it would be a fun conversation if he didn't

@alexis "hey uh.....

got any fennecs still in stock? i know theyre a bit zoomy, so i just wanted to check before i commit to the order

@alexis of course!

if you'll visit we'll be happy to fulfill all of your foxy desires

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