okay so like

what instance does have the slime letters because doesnt seem to have them all (beTRAYEd)

@zac if you don't mind dealing with like 15k+ emojis, probably has them. The web domain is btw

@izaliamae yeah i'll probably do that

i actually just added in the ability to download based off of a filter into my emoji stealing program so it'll help :p

@izaliamae im not finding any (besides the ones i was getting from
searching with _slime or slime_

so 🤷 wtf

(oops thanks markdown lol)

@zac heck

I can't seem to find my old archive either and I deleted that letter set a while ago because I never used it. I'll see if I can grab it from other instances again

@zac I just realized that's actually a second set of slime letters, so I never had them in the first place

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