wanna see the entire design document for the patter game I made for the foxie jam?

found a video demoing the quest editor plugin

and another one sort of showing off the modular ai system i had been working on, but it did not want to upload

sorry for the poor quality, it wouldnt play in vlc locally, but barely managed to work in firefox

here are some chunky gifs i had made to show off my progress to friends

the second one shows the simple tracking/me attacking

first one shows the simple quest system i had been working on
allowing for different text depending on how far along you were in the quest (not started, in the middle of it, and after finishing). the green see-thru area is a trigger area that gave me the item i needed

FLF flag

grey stands for fox, orange stands for fox, red stands for LOVE, light brown stands for fox, and finally dark brown stands for fox

[πŸ–Ό :fuwux_heart:]​

extremely cursed 

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