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*muffled screaming*

this one is pppeeerrffeecctttttttt :blobhearteyes::blobhearteyes:
(without the drool of course :p)


re: religious people, youtube, eye contact 

re: religious people, youtube 

re: religious people, youtube 

selfie, eye contact, silly 

notable standouts from the wallpapers folder:

sorry I don't have sources for these, I know that 2 of them came from r/wallpapers while the homestuck one came from r/homestuck and the mlp one coming from deviant art

found this fantastic screenshot in the pictures folder,
thought i should share

y'all I'm having some serious nostalgia going on over here

also what the fuck was I thinking with this file manager????

went to a local art gallery and they had these absolutely beautiful and intricate beeswax candles

december has been a really good month for me according to github

i usually do not do this much coding, nor do the things i work on ever get 'finished'

this...makes me feel good

re: live posting 'Kirby: Right Back at Ya' 

live posting 'Kirby: Right Back at Ya', kink, stop me 

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