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@WammKD thanks! Good luck to yours as well!

I've been posting about it off and on as I've been working on it this last week or so. Its not open source yet, but will be once I feel comfortable with its feature set (and reliability ofc) :p

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@WammKD I'm working on making a basicish activitypub server

the end goal is to create an app on top of it, but, starting small :3

got a LITTLE bit done tonight on my lisp project

spent most of the night relaxing after the stress from dealing with that upgrade :p

hopefully i'll get more done with it this weekend :3

re: PDA 

re: PDA 

@aCuteLittleBox @aCuteLittleBox and at least one of us does that when you even MENTION it~ ;3

@aCuteLittleBox you mispelled bun agAIN

and also am fox not bun
come on ti, you should know this by now :blobfoxmlem:

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