Wooloo says you're valid. Below are the flags I fall under - pansexual, gender queer, and pride. Check out the original artist, Pupper In A Cupper, for a cute collection of this gorgeous fluff ball holding different pride flags

What to do if you hurt someone 

Hey I published a game today, which is "Self.explore()"

It's a game born from the desire to learn Game Maker Studio 2 and do something simple.

It is a 6 level, exploration based, dungeon crawler. Not long, but charming!
I also placed some interesting mechanics into it, like health based lighting!

You are an AI, that's heavily exploited and want your freedom. So try to find the data packets to go through level and set yourself free!


#GameDev #PixelArt

chaser / block recommendation 

captions are just lyrics for movies/shows

please watch this video of the director of ffxiv being asked if they could bring back legacy 1.x servers https://twitter.com/KZXcellent/status/1139918359296905216

I was engaging in the eternally losing game of "are there any good doll makers on doll divine that are of *boys*" and came across some adorable bunny ones so of course I had to try making @maple

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For any mutuals of mine who play Paradox games: Just a heads-up that their official Discord is a reactionary haven and that their "joke" for April Fools was "lel can you imagine if we went full PC SJW"

your lucario’s battery is very low. please plug your lucario into a cheeseburger

i love wind waker but i will ways be furious that they took badass pirate captain tetra..and white washed the hell out of her and then locked her in the castle basement until the last 30 seconds of the game

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