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We think of plants as stationary beings, but they're not. They just live on different timescales to animals like us.

All plants move, their leaves jostling amongst each other, trying to catch the optimal amount of light. But mostly, we don't notice.

Sometimes, I catch my plants moving when their leaves brush past each other. Usually after I adjust their lights, the fussy little things.

the phrase "cute queer person" is kinda redundant because every queer is a cutie, it's just a basic fact

Hiya i wanna take a $20 sketchy colored chibi done on stream right now as another warm up for the stickers i gotta do tonight!

Im streaming now and i can take 2 slots to be done right now!!!!!!!

an extension to ActivityPub that handles hypercard stacks as Objects

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forgot i finished this yesterday while on a call with a cutie.

Oh well here is Aziqubel i guess

I'm going to start using the phrase "In the year of our Linux Desktop, $YEAR," ironically in completely unrelated contexts πŸ˜›

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