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*working on a test GNUstep app*

*accidentally deletes the pre-made delegate*

welp, guess I'm starting over :thinking_fire:

Yeah I'm into BDSM

:lazer_B: big
:lazer_D: dorky
:lazer_S: sweethearted
:lazer_M: monsters

heard yall needed more furry based vinyl groups in Forza Horizon 4, well I'm working on the only one people need

Update on #SQLite: per its creator, their Code of Conduct is not a parody and it's not mocking people who are asking for a Code of Conduct. They are 100% sincere in their belief that the Code of St. Benedict (which starts with the Ten Commandments) is an appropriate, inclusive Code of Conduct for a modern project.


(cc @InspectorCaracal )

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