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This is clearly a fox, we don't care that it's a star trek terminal or some nonsense, it is, 1000% a fox and we wanna get a character made based on it.

keep me in ur thots tomorrow as I go to work with nail polish

pray my boomer coworkers don't crucify me✌

also, pro tip for anyone with their high beams on while driving the interstate: fucking don't

am home

gonna get hit by post-con depression/loneliness by like 4-5pm today. I can feeeeeeel it

uspol / 2001 / reminder 

socialist? more like sociaLIT boost if you agree

selfie, eye contact 

I'm pretty sure I'll never not love this striped hyena photo. They just look so calm and relaxed and peaceful.

I aspire to be this chill.

theres a homestuck instance but where is my problem sleuth fediverse instance

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boomer parents will tell you all throughout your youth that everything gets worse once you have kids and then act surprised when you don't want to have kids as an adult

been getting they/she'd since last thursday and its gonna be rough going back to the real world tomorrow ;w;

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