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remember gamers, don't rise up too fast or you might bonk your head

okay, so actually, it only breaks federating with Mastodon servers, it seems to load fine on Pleroma instances and Misskey instances

this is the post in question:

so yeah, in summary, i've inadvertently discovered a way to make pleroma/misskey crew exclusive shitposts
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tired: rock paper scissors

wired: goo shorts out robot, robot sharp edges tear ✨plush✨, ✨plush✨ absorbs goo

yeah so I spent like an hour researching oauth2 implementations for lisp and there were none so

I'm making my own baybeeeeee
there were a few oauth1 providers, but they were kinda old and the usage seemed a bit weird

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"Okay I'm gonna implement ONE macro and then I'm going to actually do work stuff"
5 hours later
awesome! I've got the beginnings of an oauth implementation working!

anyway im going to bed now

got some decent work done tonight imo :3

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all of this data (except the avatar [hardcoded], and username [cant change that lol]) was updated over curl~ :3

also yeah im....
still working on the css >.>;;

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my api macro ALSO works!
able to update profile data with json and http PUTs :33333

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Ok everyone bed time. 10 more minutes and lights out

at the very least im starting to get some test account data that i can play with

moving away from ALL of the static test data in my templates :p

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welp accidentally discovered a "log out IMMEDIATELY" keyboard shortcut in kde πŸ™ƒ

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@zac No, we mean NILFS :3

It has an actual garbage collector service instead of deleting the files immediately for some reason :D

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